Why is Exfoliation Necessary?

Summer is just around the corner! Soon, you'll probably start wearing more skirts and dresses, and you want your skin to be glowing and radiant! Do I believe exfoliation is absolutely necessary in order to obtain happy, glowing skin? YES.


Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

Aren't you looking forward to more days of bright, sunny weather? I sure am! Especially since I live in Seattle, where the sun isn't always out. Lately, we've been getting better weather, so I absolutely can't wait! I've started wearing more dresses and rompers, and just like we change our wardrobe for the new season- we should change our skincare products as well. 

Here's some tips to get your skin ready for summer : 


Natural Skincare Benefits

I've been wanting to try a more natural skincare regime for awhile now, and I finally found a lovely brand that carries just what I was looking for. Introducing : Leven Rose
They offer 100% pure, organic oils - free from parabens or additives. 

Please believe me when I say that adding natural oils to your skincare regime, can truly change your skin. I've seen such a huge difference ever since I started using oils. My skin has been more hydrated, radiant, and smooth


Happy Changes

Remember me?
(I hope you do!) 

+  Well...It's been awhile hasn't it?  After six months of working & going to school full time, I finally have more time to go back to doing what I love most- blogging. I can happily say that I accomplished quite a bit in the last few months. I am officially a licensed esthetician! Now that school is over, I can happily go back into the world of blogging. 

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